29 Tips from Podiatrists for Managing Arthritis Pain in Your Feet

“The feet are prime real estate for arthritis,” says Doug Tumen, DPM, board-certified podiatrist, author of Ask The Foot Doctor, and a founding partner of Hudson Valley Foot Associates. Each foot has 26 bones and 33 joints — together, the feet contain more than 25 percent of the bones in your entire body. Getting arthritis in any one of those 66 joints can create massive problems in your daily life, not to mention causing long-term, permanent damage, he explains.

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Do compression socks really work?

“Compression socks work by applying a constant pressure to the ankle and calf area,” explains Dr. Doug Tumen, a podiatrist at Hudson Valley Foot Associates in Kingston, New York, and the author of Ask the Foot Doctor: Real-Life Answers to Enjoy Happy, Healthy, Pain-Free Feet. “This prevents pooling of blood in the legs, which is a risk factor for a blood clot. Arteries bring the oxygenated blood pumped from the heart to all areas of the body while the veins work to bring the blood back to the lungs for fresh oxygen. The compression socks aid in this venous return.”

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Tendonitis anyone?

If you follow any professional sport that involves running, you are likely to hear of a player who is suffering from tendonitis.  But, what is it?  And, do you have it?

All muscles of your extremities (arms, legs, hands, feet, etc.) have tendons.  The tendon is the part of the muscle that attaches to bone.  They are critical to movement, acting as “lever arms” that guide the skeletal system.  Read more

Walk This Way

America is exercise crazy!

We Zumba, yoga, hip-hop, box, triathalon, boot camp, and sweat-to-the oldies.  But one of the easiest, most inexpensive and enjoyable exercise forms is walking.  It’s a great way to lose weight, stay fit,and enjoy life.  But like anything else, proper preparation can help avoid problems and injuries.

Before getting started, don’t make the mistake of thinking that walking’s low-impact style doesn’t require pre-activity stretching.  Read more

When Your Heels Hurt

What is the largest bone in the foot?

Right…your heel bone, also known as the calcaneus.  It absorbs all of your body’s weight each time you take a step, run or jump.  So, is it any wonder that one of the most common foot ailments people have is heel pain?

A heel spur is the most common cause of heel pain.  A heel spur is a calcium deposit that builds up over time as a response to all of that pressure put on the heel each day.  Read more