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The Achilles tendon is a common source of pain, injury, and wear-and-tear damage. At Hudson Valley Foot Associates, with offices in Kingston, New Windsor, Wappingers Falls, Hudson, and West Coxsackie, New York, the Hudson Valley’s most renowned foot and ankle specialists offer solutions to get you back on your feet. Call the office in your area or click on the convenient online booking link for help now.

What is the Achilles tendon?

The Achilles tendon is the length of connective tissue that links your calf muscle to the heel. This tendon runs down the back of your leg and inserts at the top of your heel. Your Achilles tendon helps you lift your heel, allowing you to walk, jump, and run.

What problems can affect the Achilles tendon?

Many people injure their Achilles tendon through either a sudden accident or wear and tear. The most common problems in the Achilles tendon include: 

Achilles tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis is severe tendon inflammation. This inflammation often develops because of repetitive strain, so it’s common among professional and recreational athletes. You’re more likely to develop Achilles tendonitis if you have flat feet, wear worn-out shoes, or suddenly increase your training schedule.

Achilles tendinosis

Achilles tendinosis is a chronic condition that may develop if you have Achilles tendonitis and never treat it. With Achilles tendinosis, the tendon is badly damaged, with thickened scar tissue. It’s a more serious condition than Achilles tendinitis because it involves long-term damage. 

Achilles tendon rupture

An Achilles tendon rupture occurs when the tendon rips either partly or completely. You might experience an Achilles tendon rupture if you don’t treat tendonitis or tendinosis properly. An Achilles tendon rupture is the most severe type of Achilles tendon injury. 

The Achilles tendon weakens as you age, making you more likely to develop one or more of these issues later in life.

What are the symptoms of an Achilles tendon injury?

An Achilles tendon injury can cause symptoms that include: 

  • Pain at the back of your calf or around the heel
  • Pain that increases with physical activity
  • Swelling 
  • Inability to flex the affected foot fully
  • Inability to push off the affected foot
  • Popping noise (tendon rupture)
  • Leg weakness

If you treat an Achilles tendon injury early, when it first occurs, you can prevent long-term damage or more severe complications like tendon rupture. 

How are Achilles tendon injuries treated?

Hudson Valley Foot Associates offers comprehensive treatments for Achilles tendon injuries, with options such as: 

  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Custom orthotics
  • Physical therapy
  • Radial shockwave therapy
  • Brisement: anesthetic injections to break scar tissue down

In some cases, like an Achilles tendon rupture, you may need surgery. The board-certified surgeons at Hudson Valley Foot Associates are premier specialists who use the most advanced minimally invasive techniques if you need surgery to recover.

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